With a combined 50+ years in the business, we're dedicated to serving our communities & restoring our cities historical homes and businesses.

What separates us from the next is our dedication to the client. You can be 100% confident that when you hire the staff at SR&R we put YOU first! At the end of the day, you need to be happy with the work. We make sure that your happiness is met and exceeded!

We pride ourselves on our testimonials. We leave a trail of happy customers, leading back to the very beginning!

Great work speaks for itself, please contact us with your project ideas, no vision is too big!

James Cantillon
Founder / Craftsmen

Craftsman since 1991, specializing in "specialty" type of work. James Cantillon has worked thousands of jobs and built a trust on the same work he still provides to this day.

Reliability is a major key when deadlines need to be met, this is all too familiar to James & his staff, and is a high priority!

James has the experience to manage a job by himself, but with Chuck and their staff no job is too big.

Chuck Peaslee
Founder / Craftsmen

For over two decades Chuck Peaslee has been working construction & remodeling jobs up and down the eastern coast. He built his reputation throughout the years with his reliability, personal demeanor and friendly approach. Chuck has the experience needed to get the job finished the correct way and on time!